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0 reaktioner på ”Privacy, liberty, security — some food for thought

  1. Anonymous skriver:

    Internet, – exponential , encryption – exponential, liberty – negative slope. Indeed, things must be getting better. Freedom is kind of flatline, with small peaks around the 1940’s and 60’s but then in less demand. Representative for the collective writings around the globe ? Guess not, do the same plot for chinese books on internet.

  2. Magnus skriver:


    Actually, try that word alone, i did..

    It gets downright scary if we relate all this to Plato and The Republic, how the tyrant rises out of democracy as a protector.

  3. Asperberger skriver:

    Hur gick det för dissidenterna i Kina ?

  4. Bohem skriver:

    Phrases ’real thing, hypocricy’ not so suprising results. The real thingy peaked somwehere around 2000 while hypocricy on the rise. 😉

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