Dagens pandemiläsning…

Det blir allt svårare att hitta signal i bruset – här är ett par artiklar som jag tyckte hade en okej signal/brus-kvot.

“The Man Who Saw the Pandemic Coming: Will the world now wake up to the global threat of zoonotic diseases?” Nautil.us.

“The coronavirus is kicking our door down now, don’t you think?

Yes, it’s got everyone’s attention. But this coronavirus will fall off the headlines and when it does, you will see a contraction in the kind of investments that are made in it. We have war budgets and then no monies during peacetime. So part of the challenge—it’s a social engineering exercise—is getting lawmakers and investors to invest in risk. That’s really difficult.”

“Why do dozens of diseases wax and wane with the seasons—and will COVID-19?” ScienceMag.

“She doesn’t expect to show that our immunity is, say, weaker in the winter and stronger in the summer. But by counting different immune system cells, assessing metabolites and cytokines in the blood, deciphering the fecal microbiome, and measuring hormones, Martinez’s team hopes to find that the seasons may “restructure” the immune system, making some types of cells more abundant in certain locales, and others less, in ways that influence our susceptibility to pathogens.

Animal studies support the idea that immunity changes with the seasons. Ornithologist Barbara Hall from the University of Groningen and her colleagues, for example, studied European stonechats, small songbirds that they caught and then bred in captivity. By taking multiple blood samples over the course of 1 year, they found that the birds ramp up their immune systems in the summer, but then tamp them down in the autumn, the time they migrate, presumably because migration is a big drain on their energy.”

“Dramatic decline in restuarant visits” Calculated Risk.

“Likelihood of a coronavirus recession: Views of leading US and European economists” Vox.EU.